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Sideboard, Florence Knoll, Knoll / Wohnbedarf

Sideboard | Florence Knoll | Knoll / Wohnbedarf

4'900.00 CHF
Sideboard made of birch, with two white lacquered sliding doors, on black compass feet. Good condition, with patina and small restorations Size: 182 x 42 cm, H= 82 cm.
Table FH4602, Hans J. Wegner, Fritz Hansen

Table FH4602 | Hans J. Wegner | Fritz Hansen

2'600.00 CHF
Rare tripod round table. The top is made of teak and the legs of oak. Manufacturer’s stamp. Size: ø120 cm, H=70cm In very good condition with light patina and wear.
Sideboard, Kurt Thut, Thut Möbel

Sideboard | Kurt Thut | Thut Möbel

4'300.00 CHF
Rare double-sided walnut sideboard on tubular metal feet. Sliding doors in white Pavatex. The model is no longer in production. In very good condition with patina and wear. Size: 160 x 45 cm, H= 73 cm
Table Tivoli, Ico Parisi, M.I.M. Roma

Coffee table Tivoli | Ico Parisi | M.I.M.

950.00 CHF
Coffee table made of rose wood and metal. With manufacturer's labels. Size: 150 x 60 cm, H= 40 cm In vintage condition. The overall look is good but the table shows patina and darker spots
Ceramic coffee table in the style of Capron, ca. 1960

Ceramic coffee table | In the manner of Capron

440.00 CHF
Square shaped coffee table. Black lacquered metal frame. Table top made of red, white and blue-grey enameled ceramic tiles. Brass glides Size 61 x 61 cm, H. 43 cm. Very good condition
Nesting tables Magic Puzzle Cube, Poul Norreklit, Pedersen

Nesting tables Magic Puzzle Cube | Poul Norreklit | Pedersen

1'500.00 CHF
Set of 6 nesting tables in rosewood and chromed steel legs. With manufacturer’s label and brand Size 42 x 42 x 42 cm. Good condition, with wear and patina. 
Coffee table, Roger Capron, Vallauris, ca. 1960

Coffee table | Roger Capron | Vallauris

1'200.00 CHF
Coffee table with ceramic top with pink to blue-green enameled tiles on a black painted metal frame, square legs. Signed "Capron, Vallauris, France". Size 120 x 41 cm, H: 39 cm. Very good condition with wear.
Shogun table, Roger Capron, Vallauris

Shogun coffee table | Roger Capron | Vallauris

920.00 CHF
Coffee table with ceramic top with beige and green enameled tiles on round mahogany feet. Signed « R. Capron ». Size 98 x 68 cm, H: 33 cm. Very good condition with wear.
Extending table, Niels O. Møller, J.L. Mollers, 1960

Extending table | Niels O. Møller | J.L. Mollers

2'300.00 CHF
Extending table in rosewood with black shoes. Maximum length 266 cm. Manufacturer's tag. Size 150x100 cm, H: 74cm, extension 2x 58 cm Very good condition, both extensions are darker than the table top.
Philippon Lecoq, coffee table, Laauser

Philippon Lecoq | Coffee table | Laauser

5'900.00 CHF
Large and very rare low table, rosewood veneer top with black lacquered inlay, on chromed steel frame. This model is no longer in production. Size: 240 x 66 cm, H. 44 cm. In very good condition
Alain Richard, Sideboard serie 800, Meuble TV

Alain Richard | Sideboard serie 800 | Meuble TV

9'900.00 CHF
Large rosewood sideboard on black enameled steel frame. Many storage space: drawers and shelves. With original tags and keys. This model is no longer in production. Very good condition with patina and a repair Size: 240 x 60 cm, H. 96 cm
Diplomat table, Finn Juhl, Cado

Finn Juhl | Diplomat table | Cado

1'980.00 CHF
Large rosewood dining table. Model no longer in production in very good condition with strong patina and visible wear on the top. With manufacturer’s tag. Size: 155 x 130 cm, H. 72 cm
Dining tulip table, oval top, Eero Saarinen, Knoll.

Dining tulip table oval top 198cm | Eero Saarinen | Knoll

3'400.00 CHF
Tulip dining table with white oval top 198 cm fixed on an aluminium cast iron solid base covered with black «Rilsan». In very good condition. Size 198 x 121 cm (H. 74 cm)
Large coffee table, Italian design, 1970

Large coffee table | Italian design, 1970

1'500.00 CHF
Large coffee table made of burr walnut and brass. In very good vintage condition with patina and wear. No longer in production. Size 140 x 75 cm H. 33,5 cm

Rosewood nesting tables 222 | Møbel Intarsia

390.00 CHF
Rosewood nesting tables. One of the 3 tables is missing. The set from the 60's is in very good condition. With manufacturer’s stamp. No longer in production. Size: - Large table 55 x 44 cm, H 46 cm - Small table 38 x 38 cm, H 42 cm
Pierre table, George Sowden, Memphis Milano

Pierre table | George Sowden | Memphis Milano

4'900.00 CHF
Large table with multicolored lacquered wooden legs and laminate top. In very good condition with patina and wear. Size 150 x 150 cm H 72 cm Provenance: Italian private collection, donated by Ettore Sottsass in 1984