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Pistillino, chromed version, Studio Tetrarch, Valenti, SP Light

Studio Tetrarch | Pistillino | Valenti / SP Light

275.00 CHF319.00 CHF
Table light, ceiling light or wall light, made of ABS chrome, gold or rose gold. Small version. Bulb included. Size: ø 31 cm, H. 15 cm
Lamps Bissa and Bissona, Vistosi

Bissa & Bissona | Archivio storico Vetreria Vistosi, 1968

570.00 CHF639.00 CHF
Decorative mouth-blown Murano glass table light. White coloured glass. Available in 2 sizes. Size Bissa : Ø 20 cm, H. 30 cm. Size Bissona : Ø 24 cm, H. 42 cm.
Nessa Lamp, Vistosi

Nessa | Archivio storico Vetreria Vistosi, 1972

699.00 CHF
Table light or floor lamp hand-made with thick blown Murano glass. Color white and clear glass. With dimmer. Size: Ø 40 cm, H. 38 cm
Lamps Munega LT P + G, Luciano Vistosi, 1978

Luciano Vistosi | Munega | Vistosi Murano

359.00 CHF840.00 CHF
Table lamp or floor light made of hand-made blown Murano glass. Color white. Munega is available in 2 sizes: Small model (LT P) : ø ca 20 cm, H. 27 cm. Big model (LT G) – with dimmer : ø ca 48 cm, H. 55 cm.
Pistillo, chrome, Studio Tetrarch, Valenti, SP Light

Studio Tetrarch | Pistillo | Valenti / SP Light

860.00 CHF1'049.00 CHF
Table light, ceiling light or wall light, made of ABS chrome, gold or rose gold. Large version. Bulb included. Size: ø 62 cm, H. 31 cm
Table light pivotante à poser, Charlotte Perriand, Nemo

Charlotte Perriand | Pivotante à poser | Nemo

223.00 CHF
Table lamp with cylindrical body, open on two sides, on which two diffusers rotate and allow the opening and closure of the lighting beam, to adjust a direct or indirect light. Base in steel, body in metal sheet enameled. Switch on cable. Size ø 12,5 cm, H. 20 cm.
Grasshopper table light, blue grey, Greta Grossman, Gubi

Grasshopper table lamp | Greta Grossman | Gubi

475.00 CHF
Task table light with tubular brass stand mounted on a brass base, elongated conical steel shade mounted with a moveable joint in solid brass, directional light. The shade is powder-coated and available in 5 colors: matt white, jet black, anthracite grey, vintage red and blue-grey. Switch is integrated in the base. H 41,2 cm.
Table lamp Pedrera ABC, black, Barba Corsini, Gubi

Table light Pedrera ABC PD4 | Barba Corsini | Gubi

253.00 CHF
Table light in perforated metal. Available in 3 colors: black, blue and white. H 35 cm, ø 18 cm.
Cobra table lamp, black Greta Grossman, Gubi

Cobra table light | Greta Grossman | Gubi

445.00 CHF
Table light, with tubular arm that can be bent in all direction with shade that can be rotated 360°. Base in aluminium powder-coated, weighted with a cast iron ballast. Available in six colours: black, white, anthracite grey, sand, blue grey, vintage red. H 34,5 cm.
Lamp Lanterna Buona Notte, Fornasetti, Bitossi. Photo © Kissthedesign, Lausanne

Lamp Lanterna Buona Notte | Fornasetti | Bitossi

990.00 CHF
Table light made of white glazed ceramic with black pattern. Limited edition of 99 ex. numbered. Size: H 30 cm, ø 18 cm. In stock. No longer in production.
Table light L'assiette, orange, Béatrice Durandard

Table light L’assiette | Béatrice Durandard | ed. Kissthedesign

980.00 CHF
Table light with adjustable ceramic circular top with one side enameled in blue, orange, white, yellow or red and one side left raw, on a black anodized aluminium frame and base, GU10 LED bulb. The ceramic top can be adjusted to colour the light. Size 25 x 25 cm, H max 40 cm. Limitied edition in five colours each at 8 + 2 AP
Dome light, Matteo Zorzenoni, Kissthedesign gallery

Dome light | Matteo Zorzenoni | ed. Kissthedesign

1'600.00 CHF
Table light with matt black enameled ceramic base and shade composed by 3 smoked Borosilicate Glass. Size 24 x 24 cm, H 32,5 cm Limited edition 12 ex + 2 AP.
Tripod desk light, Serge Mouille

Table light Tripode | Serge Mouille

1'999.00 CHF
Desk or table light made of enameled steel and aluminium. H 35 cm. Numbered editition with certificate